Spanish Phrases


  • Helen Coleman says:

    I have tried to download the words and phrases to no avail – how can I learn them – do you ever mail them on a disc?

    Plus I believe I should have the beginner Spanish instead of the advanced becasue I understand hardly anything

  • PatrickJackson says:

    Hola Helen

    This Patrick from LSLC. In order to download the words and phrases, you just right click and use your “save target as feature” using Internet Exporer. Please let me know if that works for you.


  • PatrickJackson says:


    I will arrange to have a new section added for beginners. We do have lots of beginner videos but they are not new videos. Our plan was to only have intermediate and advanced videos for intermediated to advanced students and then when re-open the site with a server that can handle more customers our plan was to add beginner animated videos with the mp3s like the ones we have now in the advanced section. Patrick